Multi-Fandom Icon Competition

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Multi-fandom Icon Competition
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This community is for multi-fandom icon challenges.

Each week there will be a new challenge and entries will meet the guidelines of that challenge in any fandom they wish.

There is no prize other than the notoriety!! :)

Votes should be based on the quality of the icon and whether it meets the specifics of the challenge, not because it is your favourite fandom.

Challenge entries

Each member may only enter one icon per challenge.
Each entry must have noted on it the fandom from which the scene has been taken - and if necessary an explanation as to how it fulfils the criteria of the challenge.
Icons do not have to be newly made, you can enter icons you already made as long as they fit the challenge.
You may enter icons that were entered in other icon competitions as long as they fit the challenge.


Each member has only one vote.
No member may vote for themselves.


A new challenge will be posted every Friday.
The challenge will close the following Friday.
Voting on icons will take place from Friday till Monday.