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I'm sorry, I thought we were quoting Highlander
14 June 2006 @ 12:02 am
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Fandom: House
Explanation: I picked House and Wilson because they're best friends but they are totally the Odd Couple. In the most recent season they lived together for a while and House was always trying to get away without doing chores and stealing/eating Wilson's food. Wilson kept waking House up in the early morning because he was blow-drying his hair or some such girly nonsense. And because even though they drove each other batty from time to time they get even and get over it, they're still best friends. They also had an incredibly cute scene where they crossed their legs at exactly the same time.

L. T.
14 June 2006 @ 01:40 pm
Not a minor character to us!!Collapse )

Don't forget to enter -

"The Odd Couple"

~any fandom!
~The above text does not have to be included but the icon must demonstrate the sentiment
~Give a brief explanation of how it fits the challenge for those of us not knowing the fandom
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Closes Firday 23rd June
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Tiger Prawn
14 June 2006 @ 02:42 pm
I really did try hard not to make this icon!! I am really tripping on Doctor Who at the moment (especially season one of the relaunch), and I tried desperately not to end up making a Doctor Who icon... but gosh darn it, look there it is -

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fandom - Doctor Who (season one - 2005)
Explanation - Jack literally is a bit of a Jack the Lad, he also comes from a time (the 51st century) where there are few sexual boundaries, and sexuality is not something defined and rigid. So when he says goodbye to his friends Rose and the Doctor when they are pretty much facing certain death, we all expect the kiss he gives Rose. After all they have been flirting since day one. However, apart from the odd jokey comment now and then, there seems nothing too sparky between him and the Doctor - so imagine the titlated joy of viewers such as myself, when he says goodbye to the Doctor with a kiss as well!!! ZOMG!
I really liked that two parter - there were good kisses!!
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