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L. T.
29 May 2006 @ 08:52 pm
Ok, so just to reminder that whether for first or second place, please don't vote for your own icons...

with no further ado...Collapse )

Ok, so the results for the monthly lyric challenge are in - majority goes with a monthly lyric challenge, so we will see how that goes, and suggestions for songs are more than welcome!!

And also - a big thanks to thecutepolice for some more banners :D

And don't forget the current challenge -

"Favourite Minor Character"

~any fandom!
~The above text does not have to be included but the icon must demonstrate the sentiment
~Give a brief explanation of how it fits the challenge for those of us not knowing the fandom
~Include the http code!

Ends Friday 2nd June
Current Mood: chipperchipper