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L. T.
27 May 2006 @ 09:59 am
Ok, even though there still aren't many entries, I must concede to public opinion and let you all choose a second place Icon as well :)

Wonderful Life??Collapse )

And many thanks to maelorin who has come up with a suggestions for this week's challenge (you really wouldn't believe how hard it is to think up weekly challenges, lol.

So, if anyone in future would like to make suggestions, they are more than welcome. Also, am considering the idea of once a month having a lyric challenge as they seem to be quite fun...

A poll for the occasion...Collapse )

So, if we do go ahead with the monthly lyric challenge I would be more than happy to welcome song suggestions!!! :D


This week's Challenge is -

"Favourite Minor Character"

Let's shout about all those unsung heroes!!

~any fandom!
~The above text does not have to be included but the icon must demonstrate the sentiment
~Give a brief explanation of how it fits the challenge for those of us not knowing the fandom
~Include the http code!

Ends Friday 2nd June
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